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I have only just set up this site, and it is still very much in its infancy. There is much work to be done with regards to the site design. I will also need to slowly start adding the sandwich recipes, photos, stories, discussions and rants.

Anyway, this is just so that you don't come across a blank page if you've randomly shown up here. Check back soon, it will get very interesting and tasty.

Gouda and stuff Sandwich

There isn’t really any history to this sandwich, as it came to me one day when looking for an interesting sandwich to make for my pregnant wife’s mid-afternoon snack.
Gouda cheese is a semi-hard Dutch cheese, originally from the Gouda area of the Netherlands. Isn’t that surprising?
It has a relatively mild flavour, which is slightly salty and soft. It can be substituted in this sandwich, but don't use a cheese that is too strong, as that will disturb the balance of the flavours with the other ingredients.

Egg Salad No. 2

Of the many egg salad recipes, this one is mother’s favourite. We add tomato and chives for a more complex flavor and a drier texture.
The difference from Egg Salad No. 1 – aside from the new ingredients – is in the type of mustard. The mustard here should be mild, and isn’t particularly affected by quality. Use what is known as American mustard for this recipe.
This recipe makes enough egg salad for about three full sandwiches, or five small ones.


English Ploughman’s Sandwich

The Ploughman’s Sandwich is a popular English sandwich. The name itself is actually an invention of the 1960s to promote the sale of British cheeses. The sandwich itself may have a place as a workman’s packed lunch in the traditions of the past few centuries, as it is a good source of energy in the middle of a workday.
The Ploughman’s Sandwich is a particularly good fit for relatively cold days, as its ingredients are known to cause a nice warmth in the body after eating. It is a good sandwich for a winter hike, or indeed any day out in the cold.

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